Manila Water assures customers of ample water supply

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Manila Water assures its customers in the East Zone that water supply is sufficient even amid the threat of COVID-19. This is due mainly to the augmentation sources the company has started putting in place beginning last year, such as the Cardona Water Treatment Plant in Rizal and deep wells, as well as non-revenue-water recovery. Skeleton workforces are also on duty at every water supply and wastewater facility to ensure that service delivery remains unhampered.

Even during these summer months and despite the enforcement of enhanced community quarantine in Luzon, Manila Water also continues to implement operational adjustments to equitably distribute water to all its customers. While demand for water among residential customers is expected to rise, this may be offset by the decrease in consumption in commercial establishments and business offices that are currently closed due to the quarantine. The company also ensures its support for East Zone hospitals’ requirement for clean and safe water supply by installing line boosters and constructing deepwells in some of these health facilities.

The Cardona Water Treatment Plant now yields 100 million liters per day (MLD) of potable treated water drawn from the Laguna Lake. Additional deep wells are still being constructed across the East Zone, from which we expect to draw up to another 100 MLD by the second quarter of this year. Currently, there are 36 deep wells in operation, contributing up to 44 MLD. Manila Water also continues to aggressively recover non-revenue water or systems loss through regular maintenance of our pipe network as well as prompt repairs of leaks. Booster pumps are likewise strategically placed at key points along the distribution lines to help drive water to elevated communities.

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